Our Story

Our Story … and What It Means For You.


Have you ever wondered why Canadian trademarks are so expensive to acquire and why it is so difficult to get a quick straight answer about them?

I certainly did.

I am Neil Milton, the founder of Miltons IP.  I have been a lawyer for 20 years, but for much of that time I was not directly handling trademark matters: my clients (mostly technology companies) and I were consumers of trademark services provided by others.  Often my clients asked me to deal with the trademark agents/lawyers on their behalf, so I was supervising the trademark work rather than doing it.  Over time I came to the view that service we were receiving was ‘very old school’ – billed by the hour, with no budgets or quotes; the service was often quite slow, followed by a crisis when we had to respond to an office action or the like on an urgent basis.  I found this extremely frustrating.  When we asked for advice we usually received very a long, complex letter written in legalese.  As a result, I often found myself in a very awkward position: I would have to go back to my clients to explain that we had no idea how long things would take or what they would cost, but that we already had exceed the first estimate!

I decided to investigate Canadian trademark practice thoroughly and I came to two conclusions:

  • trademark law is complex; but
  • there is no reason for trademark services to be complex to buy or receive; good trademark agents with good tools and systems can handle the complexity for their clients and make the whole experience quite pleasant.

Here is just one little example of what I discovered: very few trademark firms in Canada accept credit cards of PayPal.  They make it difficult for you to pay them!

Based on my research, I decided that it was time to bring Canadian trademark services into the 21st century with great service, clear, fair prices, and best practices in every facet of the business.   (Fortunately, I have managed to recruit a very experienced team.)  We have looked at every facet of the business from the eyes of a client and tried to make it meet your needs (or more accurately, we have started on this journey as we still have much to improve on).

The tremendous success that we have experienced so far has clearly confirmed that many clients had the same pain that I did, and I am deeply honored by the many clients who have chosen us to assist them with their trademark issues in Canada.

I hope that you will join them, and we look forward to serving you.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about any aspect of our service, please contact me directly.

Neil Milton

Telephone: +1.613.567.7824 ext 224.