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We file and prosecute hundreds of trademarks annually – for Canadian and foreign SMEs, attorneys, and large corporations. As a result we are one of the Top 50 trademark filers in Canada.

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Application to registration explained.

Canada is a substantive examination regime

Each trademark is examined by an examiner.  The process from application to registration takes 10-18 months.

Most applications (especially ones filed by non-professionals) receive one or more ‘Examiner’s Reports’ (office actions).  These rejections must be overcome, or your application will be dismissed.  That’s where we come in: skilled professional advice to get you great results, quickly and cost-effectively.

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We are so certain that you will be delighted with our services that we offer an unlimited, no-questions asked, full money-back guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with any service that you have received from us, and we cannot fix the problem to your full satisfaction, then at any time within 90 days of payment for that service we will refund our fees for that service to you.

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The Process

A Flowchart – Application to Registration.


The government charges & our low fees.


 In order to file your Canadian trademark application we need:

  • The full legal name of the applicant.
  • The full address of the applicant (principal office or place of business).
  • The trademark. If it is a design mark, the design (preferably in suitable electronic format).
  • The products for which the trademark is used or intended (provide a list).
  • The services for which the trademark is used or intended (provide a list).
  • Whether the trademark been used yet in Canada: yes/no. If yes, the date of first use in Canada (month and year) for each product and

NOTE: for products the date of first use is the date of first sale in Canada, for services this is the date of advertisement in Canada. More information on “use in Canada” is found here.

A Power of Attorney is not required for filing in Canada.

Filing into Canada from abroad? Click for more info:

Claiming Priority

Info on claiming priority to a non-Canadian application.

Info on use and registration abroad as a filing basis in Canada.

Canadian Trademark Application Form